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Northcott Consulting LLC can work with your engineering and safety departments to update or develop you Electrical Safety Program to ensure your company is in compliance with the OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements.

Northcott Consulting is a small business capable of supporting large companies, small companies, and everything in between. Tommy Northcott has personally supported companies like Jacobs Technology as well as NASA Langley, Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, and several other NASA and DoD installations. Northcott Consulting provides the expertise of leaders in electrical engineering industry along with the personal dedication of a small town business owner who cares about each client and the safety of their employees. Tommy Northcott has the knowledge and experience of functioning as a system engineer, arc flash engineer, safety trainer, and manager of one of the largest electric utility systems in Tennessee for well over a decade. This technical expertise along with the NFPA 70E and OSHA subject matter expertise allows Tommy to effectively communicate with various levels of electrical workers and managers.

Electrical Safety Standard

This is the primary working document for electrical workers to reference for electrical safe work practices. This document will take the OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements and customize them to the specific hazards your employees are exposed to. A “one size fits all” approach results in employees sorting through significant inapplicable material in order to find the requirements they are looking for. This tailor-made approach allows the standard to be comprehensive while maintaining maximum relevance for the employee in the field. Less confusion fosters an increased compliance.

Electrical Safety Program Policy

This document outlines the general expectation, program content, program execution strategy, training requirements, audit requirements and procedures, and other required aspects of the general electrical safety program.

Both the Electrical Safety Standard and the Electrical Safety Program Policy will be submitted in draft form for discussion and modified to meet your company’s specific needs. Once the documents are agreed upon, Northcott Consulting will submit final document in editable Word documents as well as pdf files.

Electrical Safety Flow Diagram

This document is a client and electrical worker favorite. The flow diagram uses a flow chart decision tree format that steps workers through the decision process of determining what PPE, documents, and other requirements are needed to execute any task they are faced with safely and in compliance with the company safety standard. Many clients choose to laminate these so they can be included in their workers’ toolboxes wherever they go.

Energized Electrical Work Permit Template

An energized electrical work permit required by the NFPA 70E that is customized for specific approvals and company expectations.

Job Safety Analysis/Job Briefing Checklist Template

NFPA 70E requires a job briefing be conducted prior to any task that involves a potential for exposure to electrical hazards. This is a checklist that steps the employee through the thought process of what to consider in order to execute the task safely. This is an excellent tool to use in conducting the job briefing prior to starting the task.

Safety Partnership Contract

This partnership allows you access to your electrical safety professional around the clock. This partnership includes safety newsletters, updates to NFPA 70E and OSHA related issues between revision cycles, up keep of your safety program documentation between revision cycles, telephone support for interpretation of the standard for any employee, flat rate contract for additional consulting support, 10% off training services, 10% off future Electrical Safety Program Revision Change Updates. During a three year revision cycle, this contract would save on the required revision updates and on the required refresher training at a minimum – resulting in a very low net cost for three years of electrical safety professional support from a Professional Engineer licensed in the state of Tennessee.


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